Adventure Points

Adventure Points

As we play a TON of games as a group, the idea to introduce Adventure Points has been born!

Every time you take part in a group activity, you earn some Adventure Points! The more points you earn, the higher up the Leaderboard you’ll get. It’s a little bit of fun, and a great bit of friendly rivalry, but there’s also some Prizes up for grabs, too!

Later this summer, we’ll be opening up the Adventure Store, where you can redeem Adventure Points for Prizes! Real world, physical prizes. We won’t go into detail as to what they are just yet, but you’ll definitely want to be involved!

How many points can I earn?

Signing up:+5
Taking part in a Digital game:+5
Attending an in-person Adventure:+15
Attending a Zoom Adventure (a catchup):+5
Make one of the Adventure Chiefs laugh in the WhatsApp Chats:+1
Add a Profile Photo:+1
Add a Header Photo:+1
Logging in each day:+1
1 Year Anniversary:+50

Where is the Leaderboard?

You can view the current Leaderboard in the menu on the right hand side (scroll down if viewing from a mobile). To see the full Leaderboards, click here.

For the avoidance of doubt, and for absolute clarity, these Adventure Points are a part of Solo Adventure and not of any other group, event, website or entity. These are in no way linked to any live event, camp, festival or outdoor activity.