Solo Adventures has established itself over the past year and now holds a great reputation. From an instantly recognisable and clean logo to a distinctive name, it’s fundamental that we maintain a clear Brand image moving forward as we continue to grow.

We’ve set out some new Brand Guidelines on how our members can use assets associated to Solo Adventures. 

Social Media

Members are free to share any content from the website on their Social Media. This includes links to Events, Registration, Event Archives, Pages and any other publicly accessible location on the site.

We ask that members refrain from posting private links to non-publicly-accessible pages. 


We share a selection of our Event photos on the Archive pages. Members are free to save and share these photos. 

We ask that members do not remove any watermarks when sharing, or making any edits or additions that do not reflect the positivity and inclusivity of Solo Adventures.

Any photos that have been shared in private mediums including (but not limited to) WhatsApp preparation groups or private messages are not shared externally if they appear to be of a private or sensitive nature.


The Solo Adventures Logo is a clean and simple design that is recognisable instantly. Members can share the Logo on their Social Media but must not make any edits or additions to the image. It must remain in it’s original format.

To ensure that the Brand Image is maintained, the use of the Logo is strictly limited.

Members are able to:

  • Share the Logo on Social Media alongside content that is relevant to the Logo – eg: Event photos
  • Include the Logo in any written content – eg: Review of Event
  • Include the Logo in any Media pieces where it is explained what Solo Adventures is. Eg: An Event video showcasing footage from an activity.

Members are not able to:

  • Make edits to the Logo
  • Use the Logo in any physical capacity, on products or for any tangible artefact that will be exchanged for money. Eg: Apparel, Merchandise etc.
  • Combine the Logo with any other Brand, Company, Business, Group or other for any reason. Solo Adventures is an independent organisation that has no connection with any other business.

These guidelines are in place to ensure the clarity of Solo Adventures, and to keep the brand clean and concise without the risk of confusion to anybody external or internal to the community we have built.

Business Connections

Solo Adventures is wholly independent and has no connection to any other Brand, Business, Company, Group or other. 

Members must not combine the Solo Adventures name or image with any other identity unless there is an approved reason. This is to ensure that it is clear that we operate separately to any other brand.

There may be reason to include another brand alongside Solo Adventures, for example when sharing photos of an Event that took place at a Bar, Hotel, Venue etc. This is, of course, approved.

Refund Reason