Camp Wildfire Weekend 2 Info

We’re heading to the second weekend of Camp Wildfire, and we want to meet as many of YOU as possible!

We already have a handful of tents pitched up on site, within the Solos area. Just head towards the big, wooden “ADVENTURE VALLEY” archway and you’ll find us. On the map, it’s marked as “Solos Camping”.

Class of 2021 Group Photo (Official):
Make sure to gather at the Patrol Games arena at 17:50 at the latest on Saturday for the entire attendee photo. It’s always a fantastic moment, and not to be missed.

Solo Adventures Group Photo:
Immediately after the official Camp Wildfire photo, we’ll be taking our Solo Adventures group photo. Head towards the information stand, walk past until you get to the benches next to the Radio shack, and we’ll gather for a photo that will be taken at 18:15 prompt. Be there, or miss out!

If you’ve put your name down for one of our Solo Adventures Patches, make sure to find myself (Thomas) over the weekend to pay and pick yours up! They’re £6 and in limited supply! I’ll have a contactless card reader to take payments.

Keeping in Touch:
Signal on site is patchy / non existent in many places, so keeping in touch is super difficult at times. With this in mind, I recommend making sure you’re in the Solo Adventures WhatsApp group so we can drop messages as/when we manage to get online.
Signal was much better in the actual Centre Camp area, but the campsite was dreadful.

I highly recommend downloading OkButton if you have an iPhone. It’s an incredibly simple app that allows you to let your contacts know you’re OK with just one tap. You can also check in with other people, too. It works with limited data / signal too, so perfect for the forest.

Key Meeting Times:
Saturday – 17:50 – Main Camp Wildfire photo (see above).

Saturday – 18:10 – Solo Adventures Group Photo (see above).

Saturday – 23:30 – Meet at the Smores Fire Pit for a group social! It’s the two fire pits closes to the campsite – if heading from the campsite, they’ll be on the right hand side. If heading to the campsite from the main area, they’ll be on your left.

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