How We Make Our Events

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The Planning

Every event starts as an idea, either by DanThomas, or one of our fantastic community members. We take a look at what could be a great event, and start the prep work.

Depending on the idea, the logistics side of the planning could take between just a few hours or a few weeks to put together. For the larger Events, this can sometimes take several months.

Over the entire planning process, we sink hours into research, booking, sourcing venues, suppliers, infrastructure, accommodation, talking with partners as well as ensuring the legalities are nailed (insurance etc) and much more, to ensure that every aspect of the event is fully covered. 

The Hosting

As we approach the Event date, we start to share the finer details with the Adventurers that are in attendance. The excitement begins to grow as we countdown the days…

We’re usually on the ground ahead of our Adventurers arriving at the Event, and are busy putting it all together. From pitching heavy Bell Tents & Emperor Tents in the blazing sun to decorating a large venue for a Christmas Party, we’re pulling it all together so that our Solo Adventurers can walk into a magical experience, each and every time.

At the events, we make sure that every single attendee is having the BEST time possible. We pull our plans out and perfectly execute them to deliver exactly what we promised. The smiles on the faces confirm we’ve pulled it off.

The Break

All good things must come to an end, and sadly so must our Adventures. As our attendees depart the adventure, we are busy on the break – deconstructing the infrastructure, cleaning up the venues, returning any hired products and much more. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it after a great time.

We connect with the community and gather all the photos and videos taken during the event, and create an archive that is stored safely and securely so that the memories are never lost. We pick out the best official & community-provided media and share them on our channels over the next few days. We also make use of the content for Press, Marketing & PR of Solo Adventures purposes.

The Costs

Solo Adventures is not run for profit, and all funds are used in a circular fashion. Profits from one event are used on other events that may not have a huge budget. The costs of the website, hosting, coding, Ticket platform, Payment processors, emails, domains and other digital aspects have a cost that needs to be covered, and these are sometimes unknown to our members.

Each Event ticket covers:

  • Venue/Location Hire
  • Event insurance
  • Ticketing platform fee
  • Payment processor fee
  • Any other directly associated cost, specific to the Event

Any remaining profit goes into a pot to be used for a range of things that may need to be covered (for that event or future events), including (but not limited to) the website costs (see above), hardware (card readers etc), infrastructure (generators, Tents etc) and other tangible and non-tangible items. We only purchase items that hold and provide an intrinsic value to Solo Adventures and our Events.

We believe our ticket costs are fairly priced and reflect the quality of the events that we create. Whilst they are not always as cheap as simply diving a venue hire by the number of attendees, we hope that our community understands and appreciates the sheer level of behind-the-scenes fees, planning and specifics that have to be added and included in the price of each ticket. We’d love to host these events cheaper, but as we grow and with the current economic situation, it’s simply not possible.

The Rewards

The payoff for us, putting these events together is quite simple – seeing our Adventurers enjoying themselves and making use of what we have built. All of the hours spent planning, building, breaking, as well as all of the behind the scenes logistics to make it happen all becomes worth it. We love what we do.