Full information on the Solo Game Event.

The location for Solo Game has been confirmed, but will not be announced until the day of the event. However, to make things easy for players to plan their transport options, the rough area of Matlock, Derbyshire, is what you should look at.

Please share your plans for transport in the WhatsApp group. As this is taking place in the Midlands, and in the spirit of Solo Adventures, if you’re able to help out other local Players with car sharing, that would be fantastic!

Friday 18th – Monday 21st March 2022. Arrivals will be from 5pm onwards, with departures at 10am.

Please pack light, as the accommodation does not have a lot of space for personal belongings. You will also have to carry everything to the site as the car park is not immediately next door, so keep this in mind. Ideally, everything you require should be able to be carried in one trip.


> Outdoor clothing, appropriate for March. (Waterproof and warm).
> Indoor clothing to relax in.
> Indoor footwear / slippers. No outdoor footwear is allowed at the accommodation.
> Snacks, Treats, etc.
> A Towel.

Solo Game is a weekend full of games, exploration and fun. Taking inspiration from the Netflix original hit, Squid Game, Solo Game will put Adventurers against each other to battle it out for the Crown. Don’t worry though, there won’t be any brutality in our take – at least, that’s not the plan…


FRIDAY: Arrive at 5pm at the location, and check in. Player initiations will take place as each person arrives, so be prepared to be blindfolded and given your first task.

SATURDAY: Day 1 of Solo Game will begin, with an evening party afterwards!

SUNDAY: Day 2 of Solo Game will begin, with the winner crowned late afternoon. Late evening festivities around the Camp Fire.

MONDAY: Check out at 10am, with an early Lunch at midday, before heading home.

The Saturday evening meal (buffet) is included in the price of the ticket, with all other meals and food options left to the Players to decide on themselves. As there is access to a Kitchen at the accommodation, it’s a good option to cater for the wider group as a whole, and come together for group meals. Closer to the time, this will be organised further.

To pay your remaining balance (if you’ve paid a Deposit), please click the link below! Please ensure these are completed and paid in full by Sunday 16th January 2022.


Please join the WhatsApp group so that you don’t miss out on any pre-event information, games, or interactivity. Link ->

Keep checking this page to make your game easier by earning extra special abilities during the event. There’s something even more special to come, too…..

Before all of this, though, you need to make some important decisions. Over the next few weeks, as the Player lists fills up, you’ll have to work out who’s your arch nemesis, and who’s the weakest of the group. Earn your powers to manipulate your game and solidify the crown for yourself. After all, you’re in this alone, Solo.

001 – Jess S
002 – Duncan C
003 – Sarah G
004 – Daniel F
005 – Mohammed A
006 – Jo P
007 – Elena V
008 – Samantha P
009 – Oliver B
010 – Dan H
011 – Tim D
012 – Jodie H
013 – Michelle H
014 – Sham G
015 – Nadim U
016 – Amanda S
017 – James S
018 – Zoe S
019 – Nick P

Player 005 has been replaced by Mohammed A.

002 (Duncan C) & 010 (Dan H)
B: 001 (Jess) & 007 (El)
C: 011 (Tim) & 015 (Nadim)
D: 003 (Sarah) & 008 (Samantha)
E: 005 (Salli) & 017 (James)
F: 014 (Sham) & 018 (Zoe)
G: 006 (Jo) & 016 (Amanda)
H: 004 (Daniel F) & 013 (Michelle)
I: 009 (Oliver) & Jodie (012)
J: 019 (Nick) & ?


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