Introducing “Questions”!

Introducing “Questions”!

Today, we’re introducing a new feature to the Solo Adventures website – Questions!

Got a burning question to ask the community, that you just want an answer to? Always wondered why we think a certain way about a situation? Maybe you just want to know what other people think? Pose your Question to the community and see the responses! Vote on each Question – both Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down – to see what we collectively think!

You can ask a serious question, or keep it light hearted. Entirely up to you – have a little bit of fun with it and see how others in the community think! There will be prizes for some of the best Questions and Answers, so you’ve got to be in it to win it!

There are Adventure Points up for grabs too, as per the table below:

Asking a Question1 Point (Max 10 Adventure Points per week)
Answering a Question1 Point (Max 5 Adventure Points per week)

Head on over to the Questions page to take part!

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