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    Have you learnt any new skills / hobbies over the past year?

    I have been trying to learn Spanish on Duolingo, it’s not going great.

  • When I was in first school I won a computer for my school and art supplies for me by entering a drawing competition.  I think I was a pity prize as my picture was no where near as good as the others XD

  • Monopoly was actually invented by a woman who was trying to show that monopolies were bad and it had another set of rules that involved taxation.

    I find the game creates arguments and don’t enjoy it.

  • Hurting others

  • Hobnobs for dunking in hot chocolate. Good texture and flavour and don’t go soggy to quick.

  • Thought of this when answering the death penalty question.

    Are you for or against someone deciding to die (either taking their own life or with help) if they are terminally ill?

  • Nay.

    1) they could be wrongfully convicted.

    2) if they are dead they have no chance of doing anything good.

    3) I agree with Thomas “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.

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