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Solo Adventures

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Solo Adventures has some exciting new additions to the site, to give members more ways to interact with the community! Take part in our activities and enjoy all that is on offer!

Upcoming Adventures

There are loads of fun adventures scheduled in the calendar, and everyone is welcome to join us! Check out what we have lined up by visiting the Upcoming Adventures page.

Digital Adventures

We host PLENTY of digital adventures, including Zoom Socials, Virtual Escape Rooms, Board Games, Puzzles and more.


Gold Credits

Gem Credits

Emerald Credits

Gold Credits are earned by participating in activities on the Solo Adventures website, and includes games, puzzles, as well as any Zoom / Digital Socials.

Gem Credits are earned by attending in person Adventures. Check out our Upcoming Adventures by clicking here.

Emerald Credits are exclusively distributed by Adventure Chiefs, and are not obtainable any other way. They’re pretty special.

These Credits will be redeemable in the near future for a fantastic range of prizes, including Board Games, Event Tickets and more!


Members can earn and collect Badges to display on their profiles. They are awarded for specific reasons, all of which can be found by heading over to the Badges page in the menu.


Take on a challenge and earn a specific reward upon completion! From Gold Credits to Badges, or maybe another prize, these are a great way to interact and get to know other members of the community. Be warned, however, as some of these challenges will only be obtainable for a limited period of time. Head over to the Quests page to start!




This rank is automatically awarded to everyone who registers to the site!


Unlock this by earning 20 Gold Credits.


Unlock this by earning 100 Gold Credits.


Unlock this by earning 20 Gold Credits and 10 Gem Credits.


Unlock this by having more than 200 status updates, 800 gems, 800 gold and 800 emeralds


Unlock this by having more than 500 status updates, 1000 gems, 1000 gold and 1000 emeralds

The more you get involved as a member, the higher Rank you will earn. There are currently six ranks that can be achieved through various means, in a linear format. Each come with some benefits, too!