THORPE PARK – Trip Report

THORPE PARK – Trip Report

Solo Adventures first Adventure was an absolute BLAST!

14 members of the community met at THORPE PARK on Tuesday 1st June in preparation for a great day out at the theme park. The trip was announced back in March, and the day had finally arrived! It was very clear early on that the weather was on our side, as the sun was beating down the entire day – not a cloud in the sky!

For most, this was the first time meeting up with fellow members of the community, and it was such a fantastic way to do it! As the queues were not very short at all, there was plenty of time to speak with each other! We’ve played games online and had plenty of Zoom Socials, but meeting in person is an entirely different experience – one that I, personally, love. We had an absolutely fantastic bunch of people – some of the most caring, thoughtful and kind members in the entire community – and it was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with them all.

Though the queue lengths for the entire day were lengthy, on the whole we had a superb time. Suncream was definitely a requirement, and I’m sure there is going to be some Wally Marks today from the sun!

A massive thank you to all those that attended – it was an absolute BALL!

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